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    SFX SCRIP (Gift Card) Program--Helps decrease your tuition! 

    Enrollment Form (click to download form)

    Follow this link to purchase SCRIP 

    Print an order form here 

    • What is SCRIP and How to Get Started

      SCRIP is an on-going program we have in our parish and school to help families reduce tuition costs and financially support our parish and school without any extra money coming out of your pocket. All the money earned through this program comes directly from the retailers that so generously give us a discount on their gift cards. Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”, (i.e. gift cards). When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing gift cards that are used just like cash. The gift cards are issued by national and local retailers that you likely are visiting on a regular basis. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, gasoline, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn “SCRIP revenue”.

      HOW IT WORKS: SFX buys SCRIP (gift cards) at a reduced cost and then sells the gift card to you at full face value. The difference in cost (from two to twenty percent) goes into whichever parish or school fund you designate. You can even simply take your rebate as cash back to you. Twice a year, in August and in February, a payout is made, and any money earned through SCRIP is credited to the school/parish program of your choice.

      Parish/School Programs you can apply your SCRIP revenue towards:

      • Tuition for your child/children
      • Tuition Angel Fund
      • St. Francis PTO
      • St. Francis School General Fund – general operations of school
      • St. Francis Parish General Fund
      • St. Francis Parish Building Fund
      • Brother Dan’s Food Pantry

      Note: 25% of your scrip revenue will automatically be deducted for the following:

      • Tuition Angel Fund (5%)
      • Scrip Administration (20%)

      POTENTIAL EARNINGS: It all depends on how much scrip you purchase and which retailers you purchase. There is no cap on how much you can earn. As an example, if you spend $200 on gas each month and $500 per month on groceries, and you used SCRIP from Marathon (3%) and Meijer (4%), your annual savings on these purchases alone would be $312. Because you can use SCRIP cards on many other types of purchases (clothing, dining, home improvement, etc.), the savings quickly add up.

      TO GET STARTED: Simply fill out an Enrollment Form and return it to the school or Parish.

      SCRIP ON-HAND: A selection of the most often used gift cards are kept in inventory and can be purchased for immediate use anytime during the school day at the school office, For cards not kept in inventory, or for larger amounts of gift cards, you will need to place an order.

      Set up an Online Account

      • Log on to
      • On the left hand side there is a green box for family sign up
      • Click “create account”
      • Fill out the family registration (remember your password)
      • Click ‘I accept’
      • Next you will be prompted to join an organization
        • This is a must so you can be linked with SFX
      • Type in the SFX enrollment code then click ‘join’ (you will have to contact us for the enrollment code). 

      HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER: There are two ways to place an order, either on-line or in the school office.

      ONLINE ORDERING: You can order online and drop a check off at school.

      And/or once your approved for presto pay you may print your cards at home or use them through a great site called, on your phone.


      Everyday you may purchase gift cards from the box in the office. However, if you have cards we need to order please bring in your order sheet on Monday during drop-off in the school office.


      • Bring cash/check to St. Francis Xavier School any Monday during the school year by 8:20am. Checks should be made out to St.Francis Scrip.
      • Pay On-Line when you place your order. To do this, you need to register for “PrestoPay” at (It’s similar to Pay Pal).
      • PICK-UP: Your gift cards will be available for pick-up in the school office by Thursday morning of the same week your order was placed.

      Any questions you have setting up your accounts and presto pay, please contact the SCRIP Coordinators: Katie Miller or Christine Swiss (231-347-3651) or e-mail at  with any questions.